Coruscant Nights

Session 1

15 XP

  • Party goes to the zoo to enjoy a relaxing day.
  • A tiger breaks out of its cage and slowly approaches a small child.
  • The party quickly dispatches the beast and is approached by a uniformed officer.
  • Following the officer, the party enters a pet store via an unused alleyway and meet a fancy woman.
    • She offers free lodging and food for accompanying her during events and photo shoots.
    • The party is a bunch of pansies and hesitates to accept her offer.
    • Her first job is escorting two crates of medical goods to the East Flotilla as a donation.
  • Upon leaving the pet store, the party encounters a man offering take the goods and sell them (and cut the party in).
  • The party refuses and makes their way to the clinic, where the meet a Gamorrean who has a woman tied up.
    • The party attacks and frees the woman, who is the clinic technician.
    • A Mon Calamari family comes in with a sick patient.
  • The party manages to aid the sick patient and repair the doctor, saving the patient!
  • The doctor pays the party for the supplies.
  • The party meets the woman, takes some photos, and leaves for the apartments.


johnminser Ben_Harvill

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