Coruscant Nights

Session 2

15 XP

  • Lady Vandermire offers a chance to explore the Space Station Caldera
  • Party boards a speeder headed to the nearest port
  • Beset by a speeder of armed men
  • Manage to get away with some quick piloting
  • Make it to the port and board an atmospheric transport
  • Party docks and boards
  • Opens some lockers in the living quarters to find some gear
  • The sound system plays creepy sad music
  • In the lounge, the party encounters a creepy serving droid that’s half broken and rundown
  • Party travels the whole station until they find the bridge and ship’s AI
  • Ship lost hyperdrive and drifted for 4,000 years
  • The AI uploaded itself into a mobile unit, and party leaves
  • During the return, Casper appears on a monitor offering double. Party refuses
  • Party gets stuff


johnminser Ben_Harvill

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