Coruscant Nights

Something on the Horizon

Newscasts and Rumors

You havn’t heard from Lady Vandermire in almost a week, despite her promises. What you have heard – what everyone in Coruscant has heard, it seems – are reports of something moving into Imperial space from the quiet, empty places between the stars. It’s not moving through hyperspace, it’s not moving at light speed; by any normal measurement, it’s moving at a crawl. There’s little chance of it coming close enough to affect travel of communication without the many turbolasers of the Imperial Navy blowing it out of the sky. And yet, the poor children of the street can often be heard playing a game: they look into the sky and challenge each other to look for the glint of sunlight on metal and ice. It’s enough to make you think that you can see it too.

And the authorities do nothing but watch.


johnminser johnminser

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