Artificial Intelligence


Formerly housed on the Space Station bearing its name, Caldera was designed to be a full suite AI: with navigational, environmental, and recreational controls, it was supposed to be both a companion and a helper for the crew of the station.

However, after a disaster – Caldera does not remember what, but speculates that it may have been a battle – damaged the Space Station, Caldera found itself with a number of problems. Most evident were the faulty memory banks and limited processing power, which prevented Caldera from fully utilizing its logic and learning centers. But more deadly was the Station’s sudden lack of hyperspace capability. Although Caldera was still more than capable of flawless astrogation, it was unable to generate a hyperspace field and thus could only power the station at impulse speeds. Because the disaster took place far from a hyperspace route, the Station was forced to drift.

It did so, for over four thousand years.

Believing the crew to be alive, Caldera happily provided them with food, oxygen, and entertainment, long after their deaths.

Now housed on Coruscant, it is uncertain what the future holds for this damaged AI.


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