A smuggler who's down on their luck and stranded on Coruscant.


Sometimes uses the name Sweet as a last name. Not obviously appearing either male or female, Syrin uses this to their advantage, and, with their pheromones, allows people to see whatever gender they are attracted to. It also helps if a person can’t tell if the smuggler or thief was male or female. Syrin doesn’t make a big deal of it to correct people about their sex, unless it is either a long time friend or a potential lover. A party member will have to ask directly what Syrin’s sex is if they want to know and Syrin will answer.


Syrin hails from their homeworld, Zeltros. In the Zeltronian spirit of living in the moment and for pleasure and out of sheer curiosity, Syrin left Zeltros at 20 years of age to see the systems and find new thrills and pleasures. Bouncing from planet to planet, Syrin had no problem making friends and contacts on their travels, occasionally a few enemies. It was while gambling, a favorite past time of any true Zeltron, that Syrin came into possession of a starship. While the ship, a freighter, wasn’t much to look at, it didn’t worry Syrin, instead they saw potential in the rust bucket. With a few calls to friends, Syrin got the ship into pristine condition with some new functions so that they could get wherever they wanted, even slipping past Imperial blockades and check points. The ship, named Ra’ava, became Syrin’s new intergalactic mobile home and was free to move wherever they pleased.

When paying a visit to another friend some time later, Syrin was given an opportunity to try out a career outside of partier, gambler, and space hobo. Knowing of Syrin’s excellent and often risky piloting skills, this friend gave them their first taste of smuggling. While not completely sure of the endeavor, Syrin took on the job, unsure of what to expect. Upon making their first delivery, the thrill of the risk and pleasure of helping out got Syrin willing to find another contract, which didn’t take long after their success. The credits were also nice too, which helped them pay off some gambling debts. After a few more trips, Syrin found themself taking on a career as a professional smuggler for whoever’s cause they deemed worthy and whoever could pay, of course. Syrin’s pheromones and empathy helped with their new profession as well, sometimes being paid double without any question or haggling or even being paid again by the recipients of the cargo. Although this line of work got Syrin in contact with more… powerful and fearsome members of the underworld, but Syrin was always able to carefully maneuver themself through the treacherous territory, both in space and the underworld.

Being a smuggler also put Syrin in places that gave them unique opportunities to give themself access to more restricted areas and to more valuable items that could be worth a large price on the right markets. This gained Syrin a new set of skills as a thief, as well as a reputation as person who could provide rarities and antiques that were hard to get. Syrin’s favorite job though was getting a person’s belongings back.

As time went on, Syrin began to notice that some of their cargo was quite… strange. While being a smuggler meant taking on some questionable cargo, although Syrin made it a point to not ask too many questions but also taking whatever contracts they could get. Exotic animals, jewels, relics, drugs, medicine, food, and, of course, weapons were just some of what was carried on the ship. Syrin wished they had asked more questions when they brought on a piece of cargo on board on their last voyage. While in transit, a Narglatch meant for a wealthy family on Coruscant, managed to break out of it’s carrier. While Syrin had been assured by the trader that the creature was still a cub, this was not the case. The narglatch was a juvenile and began wreaking the ship, causing Syrin to begin losing control of Ra’ava. While Syrin tried to do what they could to regain control, the narglatch was simply causing too much damage, and Syrin couldn’t fight a wild animal and pilot Ra’ava. It was all Syrin could do to their destination before losing almost all control. However, Syrin managed to make an emergency crash landing on Coruscant, further destroying Ra’ava. While the narglatch’s fate is unknown, Syrin managed to walk away and get medical treatment in the closest city with the credits they had and a few items they could carry to sell.

Now, Syrin travels the planet doing some odd jobs, primarily with the underworld that they are familiar with and usually as a thief, since they are stuck there. Syrin is getting restless on the planet and is desperately looking for a new ship. Still attached to Ra’ava, Syrin holds out hope that there might be some way to repair her, although by now scavengers have probably gutted her out. These unpleasant thoughts are what both drive Syrin to get credits but also pay a visit to a few bars where those credits are spent.


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