Coruscant Nights

Session 2
15 XP
  • Lady Vandermire offers a chance to explore the Space Station Caldera
  • Party boards a speeder headed to the nearest port
  • Beset by a speeder of armed men
  • Manage to get away with some quick piloting
  • Make it to the port and board an atmospheric transport
  • Party docks and boards
  • Opens some lockers in the living quarters to find some gear
  • The sound system plays creepy sad music
  • In the lounge, the party encounters a creepy serving droid that’s half broken and rundown
  • Party travels the whole station until they find the bridge and ship’s AI
  • Ship lost hyperdrive and drifted for 4,000 years
  • The AI uploaded itself into a mobile unit, and party leaves
  • During the return, Casper appears on a monitor offering double. Party refuses
  • Party gets stuff
Something on the Horizon
Newscasts and Rumors

You havn’t heard from Lady Vandermire in almost a week, despite her promises. What you have heard – what everyone in Coruscant has heard, it seems – are reports of something moving into Imperial space from the quiet, empty places between the stars. It’s not moving through hyperspace, it’s not moving at light speed; by any normal measurement, it’s moving at a crawl. There’s little chance of it coming close enough to affect travel of communication without the many turbolasers of the Imperial Navy blowing it out of the sky. And yet, the poor children of the street can often be heard playing a game: they look into the sky and challenge each other to look for the glint of sunlight on metal and ice. It’s enough to make you think that you can see it too.

And the authorities do nothing but watch.

Session 1
15 XP
  • Party goes to the zoo to enjoy a relaxing day.
  • A tiger breaks out of its cage and slowly approaches a small child.
  • The party quickly dispatches the beast and is approached by a uniformed officer.
  • Following the officer, the party enters a pet store via an unused alleyway and meet a fancy woman.
    • She offers free lodging and food for accompanying her during events and photo shoots.
    • The party is a bunch of pansies and hesitates to accept her offer.
    • Her first job is escorting two crates of medical goods to the East Flotilla as a donation.
  • Upon leaving the pet store, the party encounters a man offering take the goods and sell them (and cut the party in).
  • The party refuses and makes their way to the clinic, where the meet a Gamorrean who has a woman tied up.
    • The party attacks and frees the woman, who is the clinic technician.
    • A Mon Calamari family comes in with a sick patient.
  • The party manages to aid the sick patient and repair the doctor, saving the patient!
  • The doctor pays the party for the supplies.
  • The party meets the woman, takes some photos, and leaves for the apartments.
A Nice Afternoon Out
To the Zoo!

With the day drawing to a close – for many of you, a very difficult day – you suddenly get the urge to enjoy some time in nature. When you remember that Galactic Unity Festival celebrations are happening in Brownsteel Park tomorrow, it’s settled: tomorrow, you’re going to the zoo.


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