Tag: droid


  • Buzz

    Popular newscaster and holonet personality. Built according to proprietary schematics and maintained by in-house production staff. Long-running feud with rival [[:jj | J.J.]]

  • J.J.

    Modified Imperial Recon drone. Popular camera-operator and interviewer, currently signed to Network Epsilon. Long-running feud with rival camera droid [[:buzz | Buzz.]]

  • Sid

    Chief doorman at the Cardinal Arms. Sid is one of Vandermire Industries' X-18 hospitality droids and is distinguishable by his finely polished bronze veneer.

  • RNG-117

    RNG-117 is one of the latest models of Vandermire Industries' popular administrative droids and is recognizable by its extensive nickel plating. It has chosen not to assume a gender or nickname. [[:sid | Sid]] believes that this is some kind of political …