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Coruscant Nights

A long, long time ago…

On a planet in the center of known space…

Welcome to the residential sector, human citizen!

You’ll enjoy your new home on the most important planet in Imperial Space! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of life on Coruscant!

Spacious Accommodations

From the Cardinal Arms apartments on the surface of Coruscant to the Vandermire Heights floating community, you have literally hundreds of thousands of options for finding a place to call home.

Luxury and Relaxation

Thanks to the generosity of the Sorosuub Corporation, beautiful Brownsteel Park is located over several rooftops in the heart of the Government District. Enjoy the excitement of a tour through the menagerie, or relax with a Blue Balloon ice cream treat in Brownsteel Square!

Almost Sinful Shopping

Conveniently located in many human-oriented neighborhoods, Xanifer’s Department Store brings all of your domestic needs under one micromanufactory roof! Whether you’re in the market for a new set of monogrammed towels or a hyperspace crash kit for peace of mind on those long commutes, Xanifer’s has it!

Don’t miss Rorik’s Hunting Supply if you’re the adventuresome type! Rorik will be happy to demonstrate floor models of many CSEC and Imperial-approved firearms, including medium- to long-range blaster rifles, incapacitating stun weapons, or, for the sporting gentleman, even antique slugthrower weaponry!

Health and Education

Located within convenient ambulance range from your new home, the Lysinian Group hospitals provide a range of health options, from internal medicine to full range-of-motion cybernetic enhancements. Although the Lysinian Group accepts only human patients, registered patients who have xeno pets can rest easy knowing that their little buddy is in good hands at one of several fine Xeno Clinics across the surface of Coruscant. Bring your Rodian or Twi’lek in for a checkup any time he’s looking down!

Home schooling terminals are available in most units. For those looking for a more personal touch, droid service is available in the sub-surface garage beneath the Cardinal Arms building.

For the Adventurer in You…

There’s plenty of excitement to be had off the beaten path on Coruscant. Since the InCor Company lost its Imperial Charter, a number of friendly speeder clubs have moved into the vacant offices. They’d be happy to show you a night of repulsor pod-based thrills!

Or, if exotic foods and intriguing sights are more your style, why not visit the Xeno District, a sprawling melting pot of innumerable cultures snaking across a large swath of the southeastern continent! Just off the coast, the industrious citizens of Coruscant have erected East Flotilla, a city on the waves where the brave soul can walk on water! Try not to get seasick!

Warning: The Coruscant Tourism Board bears no responsibility for accidental death or dismemberment resulting from these recommendations.

So welcome to Coruscant! We hope your stay here…is a long one.

Main Page

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