Valdir Impa

"My life is sacred, too, ya know." - Valdir to a nature priest



Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 1 2 2 4 2

Derived Stats

Soak Wound Thresh Strain Thresh Defense (Mel/Ran)
4 14 16 0/0


Frontier Justice

Description: Valdir takes the law, both natural and human, into his own hands. The poor and helpless need someone to save them, and the mighty and powerful need to be taken down a peg or two.


Ambition: Survival

Magnitude: 5

Description: Valdir is a tough bastard that can’t be knocked down. He uses his stubbornness to help up those around him, and while he’s willing to help out, Valdir is practical enough to know when to let the weak die.


Physical Description

Gender Male
Age 45 standard years
Height 1.98 meters
Build Large
Hair None
Eyes Black
Notable Features Multiple scars from knives, claws, and blaster wounds. Slight limp in left leg.


Valdir led a normal life for any Ithorian until he left for the Rim. Born to a herdship above Ithor with a loving family and support. Upon reaching adulthood at 18, Valdir volunteered to lead a small expedition to Tatooine to foster life in the sands.

Valdir and his expedition stayed on Tatooine for seven years with no success. With crops eaten by sketto swarms and jakrabs, and under constant attack by Sand People, krayt dragons, wraids, and rancors, most of the expedition died in the first three years; Valdir was alone for the last year and a half. Valdir does not often talk about the expedition, but he owes his survival to abandoning the Ithorian Law of Life and committing violence against those who were violent against him.

Valdir spent the next ten years travelling along the Outer Rim, stopping at all of the Ithorian colonies and helping out as he could. At first, the Ithorians would welcome him, but whenever he would raise his blaster or voice in violence against the native fauna, the Ithorian people shunned him.

Valdir now resides on Coruscant, where many Ithorians do not fear him for his violent ways, but welcome him as their protector. Valdir now lives in the Xeno District (the East Flotilla has too much water for his tastes) and runs a small private investigation business for any alien that needs help.

Valdir Impa

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